Are YOU Getting Enough Sleep?

There are so many factors involved in getting a good night's sleep.
Do you wake up refreshed or has your disturbed night left you feeling as tired as when you went to bed?

The reasons for a poor night's sleep could be medical, psychological, physical or a combination of all three. Firstly there could be some practical concerns to address, including your room, its ambience and your bed itself.

Neutral Bedroom Colours

A bedroom by definition should be a restful place. Make sure it's tidy (so no floordrobes!) and is a pleasant room to be in. The colours you have chosen to decorate in should be calming rather than vibrant.

Are you Getting Enough Sleep?

Televisions and computer screens are a bad idea before you nod off - as they emit lots of blue light which is not conducive in promoting sleep. This can be offset in part, by utilising your device(s) night settings mode which partly filter out most of the blue light. In fact, any light pollution creates adverse conditions and should be eliminated as much as possible.

Keep Your Bedroom Tidy
Experts' advice includes to close curtains, preventing extraneous light coming in from outside. It has been proven that a totally darkened room is beneficial in inducing sleep. Even the simple practice of keeping regular hours will be immensely beneficial.

As you spend approximately one third of your life in bed (wow!), it is not an area where you should take short cuts. Your personal comfort is of top importance, a bed and mattress combination is something you should try in-store.

Comfy Headboards
At our Great Yarmouth store the entire first floor is devoted to beds and mattresses of every kind, set amongst our bedroom furniture ranges. You will be encouraged to try divans and bed frames with a variety of mattresses from many of the recognised brand leaders, then left to deliberate and reach your own conclusions. If you need it, our bed department staff are trained to help with technical specifications, available sizes, price points and features such as storage and headboard options.

Whether your preference is for a divan base, a wood bed frame such as oak or pine, or a metal retro bed frame, we will help you to match it with the perfect mattress for you, be it super soft, firm, sprung or memory foam. Don't be swayed by manufacturer's descriptions, come into the store, put your feet up and take time in choosing the right combination!

For further reading there are some great articles online on how to get a better night's sleep by respected institutions such as the NHS or the Sleep Council which are definitely worth a read.

Until next time! Sweet dreams... Zzzzzzzzz

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