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Luxury Naturals collection by Somnus. Unlike most companies a somnus mattress’ life doesn’t start by being mass produced by machine in a non-descript factory.  They start their very own journey on a family run farm up in the North Yorkshire country side. Hornington Manor is home to the sleep sanctuary where our staff were invited to see just what makes a Somnus mattress so unique before our new Norfolk showrooms were installed.

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Day 1

Started with understanding Somnus goals, in keeping its Yorkshire heritage, values and quality whilst ensuring their customers receive the very best in technology and design on the market. The farm is set on 300 acres where we saw for ourselves the hemp production process, got cuddles from the sheep and fed the alpacas. Doesn’t sound very relevant for mattresses does it? But Over 50% of the mattress fillings is either farmed by or sourced within 25 miles of the Manor, something that the company takes massive pride in. The 100% natural fillings include Yorkshire dales eco wool, cotton, hemp, and horse hair and many more. These are uniquely blended by Somnus to provide a luxurious, functional and comfortable mattress topping.

Somnus Beds And Mattresses

Day 2

Was a tour of the factory. Not only do they create their own toppings they also make their own machines that make their own springs. I cannot state enough how amazing that was to watch. The steel is drawn by patented technology to create strong and durable wire which is then coiled. Every collection of springs is especially designed to suit the needs of the customer to relieve pressure and provide extra support, which can be demonstrated in either or Great Yarmouth or Norwich store. The craftsmanship to combine the pocket springs and fillings was pretty impressive, some of us even managed to help side stitch a mattress. The timber bed bases and drawers are handmade and covered with a variety of attractive fabrics with 39 bespoke headboards to matchSomnus Beds

All in all our stay at the sleep sanctuary was the best night’s sleep I have had since I can remember and would highly recommend a visit to either of our Norwich or Great Yarmouth stores for a lay down. However I can’t guarantee I’d wake you up with a coffee.

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Zena - Great Yarmouth Bed Specialist

The Better Furniture Team



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