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Our customers are always asking... 'Are you new?', 'Have you been here long?' & 'We love your stuff & didn't even know you were here'!

After a huge effort changing & improving the layout of the store, we decided to take as many artistic photos as a camera phone could possibly hold.
If you haven't been in to see us for a year or so, it's almost like visiting a brand new store.

Better Furniture, Norwich

Established in 2008

Better Furniture has been established in Norwich for nearly 10 years - During 2020-21 the store has evolved & changed dramatically inside & out. We're extremely proud of the progress we've made. We've painted the exterior, added a new Fama sofa gallery & are about to start work on our most ambitious project yet, a huge Bontempi Casa (Luxury Italian Furniture & Accessories) display.

Better Furniture, Barker Street, Norwich

New Accessories & Furniture

We know this is a blog but we're going to let our photos do the talking.
We now have loads of new home accessories & update our collections frequently, so there's always something new to look at...

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We're adding all of our brand new photos to our Pinterest page & are currently upto 18, hopefully 20+ by the time you've read this...

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Better Furniture In Norwich
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Find Us In Norwich

Thanks for reading our latest blog, we hope you like the improvements we've made to our independent store. If you have any questions on the items featured in this blog then get in touch with our team via email or on the live web chat.

Better Furniture
111 Barker Street
Norwich, NR2 4TQ

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