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Our customers are always asking... 'Are you new?', 'Have you been here long?' & 'We love your stuff & didn't even know you were here'! After a huge effort changing & improving the layout of the store, we decided to take as many artistic photos as a camera phone could possibly hold.If you haven't been in to see us for a year or so, it's almost like visiting a brand new store. Established in 2008 Better Furniture has been established in Norwich for nearly 10 years - During 2020-21 the store has evolved & changed dramatically inside & out. We're...

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New Fama Display In Norwich

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We’ve gone all out on our new sofa display.We’ve even painted the ceiling tiles! Our team are extremely proud to unveil a brand new Fama display in Norwich. As an independent retailer, we have to roll up our sleeves & get involved to make things happen! Sounds Good so far right? Well keep reading... We have installed a 60” TV, touch screen, where you can choose fabrics, modules, colours & more to create your bespoke piece of furniture. You can even bring in a photo of your own home to see how it looks in AR - That’s augmented reality...

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