Arianne By Fama

Arianne By Fama

Customise Fabrics

Use Fama's 2D Simulator below to get a feel for the range of fabrics on offer. You don't have to be a computer whizz - Firstly click on the 'Fabrics' button, click the colour tab & select you favourite shade. Simply click parts of the sofa to change them.

Order swatches by getting in touch with our customer service team -

What's Possible?

View our Fama board on Pinterest containing more models with beautiful colour combinations! View Our Fama Pinterest Board

Here's two contrasting designs made by us, firstly we selected a neutral grey & applied a lighter shade for the accent cushions. The second a 'bold' pink example, would make a great statement piece!

Design Your Own Arianne By Fama

Design Your Own Fama Arianne Sofa in 3D!

Get creative using the latest technology - We can't stop playing with the 3D virtual simulator which showcases endless possibilities. Send us a screen grab of your design & we'll send you a quote. Simply click the banner below and get creative.

With a comprehensive range of modular seating platforms, the Arianne corner group can be designed to suit any room size or shape. It is available in three comfort levels within the price and a wide choice of colours in high quality fabrics or leather. Its clean lines refer back to an uncomplicated era and will blend perfectly into any décor.

Fama Sofas In The UK

Get Creative

Why not re-arrange elements of your sofa for informal parties, board game evenings or watching Saturday night TV with the entire family? - The possibilities are truly endless. For example choose a 4 piece corner sofa - If desired, each of the sections can take on a different colour - even the cushions & back plates can be customised! The Arianne is low sitting and can be customised to any length, add as many single modules are you room allows or make your sofa small and compact.

Arianne By Fama Spec

About Fama

Founded in 1970 Fama sofas are designed and manufactured in Spain, each comes with a lifetime frame guarantee & a 10 year seat suspension guarantee.

Fama sofas are designed to be functional, primarily for sitting but also for stretching out on after a hard day at work. Fama also produce outdoor furniture, chairs, recliners, tables and modulars, each manufactured to the highest quality and at the best prices. Fama offers 3 types of seating comfort - Extra firm, medium or soft options are available at no extra cost.

Lifetime Fama Frame Guarantee