Bontempi Casa In Norwich

We were literally 'wowed' on our latest buying trip by the outstanding quality & design of Bontempi Casa's furniture & home accessories.
Coming very soon to Better Furniture Norwich, we are literally planning a brand new display, showcasing the latest in Italian style & sophistication.

Bontempi Casa On Display Soon In Norwich
Bontempi Casa Coming Soon To Our Store

Bontempi Casa Coming Soon In Norwich

This collection deserves drama & a build up worthy of its grandeur, we're not relying on CGI images,
just those taken by our interior designer whilst at Bontempi's latest trade stand. We have selected high end, beautiful items
which complement our store & have handpicked some of our favourites to display.

Bontempi Home Accessories In Norwich

Italian Furniture Design - About Bontempi

Established in 1963 Bontempi has always been based on the same obsessive pursuit of quality & passion.
After 54 years the core fundamentals are still the same - A determination to experience beauty together with functionality and comfort.
Bontempi Casa are always innovating & best interpretation of lifestyles and most contemporary trends.

Bontempi Casa Website - Click Here

Bontempi Casa At Better Furniture
Bontempi In The UK

Bontempi's Eco Credentials

The social responsibility is the cornerstone of Bontempi philosophy, a choice reflecting the will of the
company to respect the territory where it was born and keeps living. All the Bontempi production is conceived and
manufactured with extreme care, concerning the ECO-SUSTAINABILITY of materials used.

Manufacturing processes and finishes are carried out, avoiding treatments with harmful substance emissions that can be
noxious for human beings and environment, and complying with national and international regulation about environment protection.

Bontempi Casa uses:

Non-polluting, metal-free and plastic-free paints categorized in category I and II DRP 203/88;
Manufacturing processes and finishes, implying emission-free and not using substances harmful to people, things, environment
Super-recyclable glass, fabrics, leather, hide leather, wood, tops
Wood selected in forests managed according to strict national and international environmental social standards

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We're Pretty Excited Already!

We're not promising anything especially in the current climate but we're aiming to bring you Bontempi by the end of July 2021.
Keep Checking this page for more information and eventually you'll be able to order Bontempi products right here online.

Bontempi Casa
Better Furniture
111 Barker Street
Norwich, NR2 4TQ

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