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We are currently adding garden items to our website.
Keep checking back as we have sun loungers, dining tables,
more chairs & sofas still to add over the next few weeks.

Italian Style

Nardi is an ambassador of original Italian design, making light-weight, recycled & colourful outdoor furniture.
Nardi's outdoor furnishings are designed to turn any outdoor space into a comfortable and sociable place.

Why We Love Nardi...

It's 100% Recyclable

Polypropylene is pure, and is not contaminated by other materials. Nardi's entire production chain is geared towards sustainability
Nardi Garden Dining Chairs

Low Energy Production

Nardi's factories are partly powered from solar energy with the latest production plant respecting the highest environmental standards.

Great For The Environment

The water used in production is not contaminated.
Nardi do not emit polluting gases or smoke into the atmosphere.
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